LUPUS - Sharon

My name is John Peters and I am afflicted with sever Parkinson's disease. Mary Jean Pentland has been treating me for approximately 6 months. The treatments have helped me a great deal and I realized rather quickly that I did not want to stop taking the therapeutic Touch treatments. Not only has the spasming lessened, but also my attitude has gotten more positive and I am more motivated. I am now planning to finish renewing my motorboat and after that I want to build an ultra-lite. Before treatments I would not have even wanted to do anything, much less actually get out and do it.

"J. Peters"

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My Story - Oct 2000

I became a single parent of two children when I was 31 years old. I was lucky enough at the time to get an on job training in the graphic arts field. The only draw back was that it was the night shift. I had never worked nights beore, but the idea of the children having a baby-sitter when they were sleeping appealed to me. At the time, I felt guilty about the children not having two parents. I was bound and determined to be both mother and father for them, I became "super mom" . I was so worried about the needs of my children, I forgot about myself. I would get home at 6:30 a.m. and get the children up and off to school by 9 a.m. then I would sleep until they got home at 4 p.m.. I would make sure they got to all their activities and do the rest of the usual duties of a mom. This was our life for over 5 years. There were messy court case. But with working nights I didn't have the usual daytime stresses. I just did the work that was left for me. My job however was very physically stressful, I literally ran all night. My job entailed doing all the things that the day staff couldn't do during the day or didn't get finished... this included cleaning machines to camera work.

In 1985 I became sick with what I thought was a bad flu. After weeks of feeling totally drained and sick, I went to a doctor who thought I had mononucleosis. When she got the test results back, the test was negative. The doctor told me to go home and get some rest. Of course, I didn't because I had two children to support. I couldn't envision them going without so, I continued to work but never felt well. I had three major stresses in 1986, my brother's death and two court cases. I continued to go to work and care for the children but everything became more and more of an effort. I developed very bad migraine headaches that lasted 3 days, I was still struggling to work but I was slowing down substantially. My boss was wondering why I wasn't finishing my work at night. Then one morning I woke up and my right foot was numb and I had a bad headache. I thought it was time to go to a chiropractor- so off I went. When he adjusted my neck I almost fainted from the pain. I managed to drive home and went to bed. By night time my right side of my body was numb and I couldn't walk without falling down. My girlfriend drove me to the hospital and I was there till 6 a.m. The doctor wanted me to stay and see the neurologist in the morning but I had to get home because my live-in baby sitter was going to work at 7 and my children would be alone. I went home and went to bed. This is where I stayed for months. Our lives changed dramatically. The children were 11 & 13 at the time and we all muddled through. I still had hopes of going back to work and was searching the reason for my symptoms. I had a list of approximately 50 symptoms, the most incapacitating being the severe fatigue, headaches, right sided numbness and severe cognitive problems.

I had major surgery within a few months and instead of getting better I became worse. I was diagnosed in 1987 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I went on long term disability. I struggled to find the reason for my symptoms but after 2 years I finally resinged myself to the fact that although my life had changed drastically, I still had a life, such as it was. My insurance company sent me to a psychiatrist to see if my illness was physically or mentally induced. The psychiatrist said it was definitely physical but because I was mildy depressed over being so ill, she tried me on an anti-depressant. This started a 7 year battle of my life. I tried to kill myself 6 times and was in and out of psychiatric wards many times in that 7 years, sometimes for months. I also had approximately 50 electro-shock treatments. I really don't remember much of those years, except I was on so many medications that my sister had to help me fill my medicine container because I was not able to. It all seems like a bad dream now. My children used to describe me as having no emotions. They were right, I couldn't feel anything due to all the drugs I was on. After I was started on a new anti-depressant in 1995, I gained 100 lbs. Over a 3 year period. I was very upset about my weight gain as I had been slim all my life. I went off all my anti-depressants in 1998 after an accidental overdose. I couldn't believe how much better I felt mentally. This was the start of my road to recovery. I have found out recently from a doctor, that for some people, anti-depressants make them more depressed.

I couldn't believe my ears, I was so angry, I wanted to sue all the doctors and psychiatrists that were involved in my care over those years. I felt cheated out of all those years with my children. I decided that I was going to try and go off all medications and go as natural as possible. This was hard as I still struggled with migraine headaches, high blood pressure, severe dizziness, painful joints and a lot of aches and pains as well as not being able to sleep. Then one day in February, I heard someone call my name. It was my cousin Mary Jean. She invited me for coffee and told me about therapeutic Touch. Because I was the CFS/FMS support group leader, I invited her to speak at one of the meetings. She offered me 3 treatments so I could tell in my own words how I felt and what I thought of the therapy. I was so excited! My first treatment with Mary Jean, she asked me to name 5 goals that I wanted to accomplish. I said to sleep better and not to feel so tired: To get rid of the pain; To get ride of my migraine headaches; To get rid of my episodes of depression.

After the second treatment I felt something that I hadn't felt in 14 years. I couldn't put a finger on it, but I knew it was something wonderful. By the third treatment I knew what it was, it was the feeling of total rest after a good nights sleep. It only lasted about 2 minutes but I knew it was a start. Mary Jean also said something to me at the first treatment that I will never forget. She said that I had the power to heal myself. I felt I had lost all my power when I first became sick. I knew then that I was in control again and that I would have to work really hard to get well. Almost immediately I noticed my moods levelled out and my depression lifted. I slept better and I had no headaches, even my pain level went down significantly. After 3 months, I slept well every night and I felt rested in the morning. My energy level went from about 40% to 100% in less than 6 months. I have no pain now, except for the usual strains from "overdoing it" (like putting up drywall). Even my blood pressure has started to go down. It's been high since I was 21 years old. I've gone from 40 mg. Of my medication plus a diuretic to no diuretic and half of my medication. People tease me now and say "You know Dianne, you don't have to make up for the last 14 years in two weeks". I always say "But I feel so good and it's so nice to be able to do the things I've wanted to do for 14 years". So who can argue with that?

Mary Jean also recommended a book called "The Power Within You" by Louise Hay. From this book I'm learning to love and care for myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. My friends are amazed at the new me. The ones that knew me before I got sick are very impressed. People are always coming up to me now and saying how well I look. I would like to tell the whole world what has happened to me, but I know unless you want to know, your are not able to hear. So, to those who ask I say "I go to Mary Jean Pentland for Therapeutic Touch" and if they want to know more, I tell them. To all the rest, I let them see for themselves. I know this is going to sound sappy, but if it wasn't for meeting Mary Jean that day last February, I wouldn't be where I am today. She not only gave me hope, she helped give me my health and my life back and I thank her for that.


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Hellos, I really do not know where to begin... in 1997, I had EXTREME fatigue, it took 2 years of specialists and tons of test to have been diagnosed with CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome) It took a MAJOR toll on my body, I had ABSOLUTELY no energy, had memory lapses (I could not remember my post office box #), problems concentrating, insomnia, shortage of breath, unable to drive long distances, (only locally on a good day), heavy eyes all the time (did not read in over 2.5 years), etc. ... I could go on and on.

Some one told me about a cfids support group in Morden, so I found a way to Morden once a month and one day Mary Jean Pentland was a guest speaker, regarding TT. I had ABSOLUTELY NO idea what TT was all about. When you have tried ABSOLUTELY everything from "holistic" meds. To prescription drugs etc.... spent thousands of dollars on the get quick remedies and NOTHING works, why not listen to some more alternatives? So I listened as intently as my body would allow me. I found her approach interesting and hey; why not...I tried soooo much already, I was way desperate, why not try this TT. So, I made an appointment with MJ. I was very apprehensive, like I said earlier, when you have tried almost everything...it is VERY hard to go into something positive. MJ explained to me as she was taking down my history, what seh was going to do to my body. I was so desperate by then, I really did not care, it was like just do some magic on me already! Well, my body was VERY messed up, and I lay on that table for just about 3 hours. (Time flew by, I actually got some much needed sleep) MJ explained that I would not notice to much the first 2-3 sessions, since my body was so out of kilter. I tried to remain opened minded and made my next app't for the end of the week. ON the way home I mentioned to my mom that my head was not as heavy and that I was not feeling that heavy tiredness in my throat. I just chalked it up to me having finally slept, (and without using sleeping pills.) I figured that nap on MJ's table did a world of difference for me. But that same evening, I had a pep of energy I had not experienced in over 2.5 years!!

The next app't, was much the same. The outcome was just a touch better than the previous. But the following appt, my concentration levels were better and my memory lapses were gaping! And the bouts of energy levels that I would get once in a while were undescribable! Yes, I would definitely pursue this TT avenue!

That was almost 3 years ago, and I can tell you that was the BEST time and energy that I ever spent on getting well.

MJ did work magic on me...sure it took some time, but each time I got off of that table, some other door opened for me. She has been one of my biggest health providers.

I have NOT taken any drugs for my health since 4-6 months into the TT treatment. That is huge, especially in the sleep department. In time with healing energy and the clearing of my chakras, I have been a totally different person. MJ worked with the resources that she had and really cared, we even worked on food sources and that has made a HUGE impact in my life.

I'm doing SO much better, and miracles have happened in my life. I became a mom which I thought would NEVER ever be possible due to my low energy levels and other symptoms. I curled my first time in 6 years, rode bike last year for the first time in 5 years... and my memory has come back and I'm reading novels...I could go on. Life has new meaning for me and I cherish every moment!

I can honestly say thru the treatments of TT I have a balanced life again. MJ has been given an AWESOME gift of TT and she uses it with all of her heart, soul and mind.

When MJ asked me to write a small testimonial for her, I was more than honoured. Like I mentioned, she has a real gift and I'm glad she found it and uses it!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you MJ!
Sincerely and with lots of love

"Vicki K"

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My name is Barbara Rempel. My husband Ben and I have been receiving treatments from Mary Jean Pentland for some time now. At times, I felt somewhat like a guinea pig, but it was wonderful watching Mary Jean doing her thing. I have tested Mary Jean many times by not telling her what was bothering me that day and she has always found it herself. The one thing I remember the most is that I had a very weak ankle that would give way any time at all and I would end up on the floor, really hurting myself sometimes. After a singl treatment, my ankle felt stronger and I haven't had a single incident since then. I have had several follow up treatments since then and feel I will continue to keep any eye on that. I have also had headaches, back aches, sinus pain, etc. taken care of by Therapeutic Touch.

Ben had open heart surgery 7 years ago, and has seen Mary Jean quite often since then. One of the most dramatic healings occurred after his surgery. He had really bad Restless Leg Syndrome after his hospital stay, and one treatment from her cleared that right up and it has never come back. A couple of years ago, he broke a rib at work and after 5 weeks it really wasn't healing and actually became inflamed. Mary Jean came over and tested him and realized that the energy flow has stopped completely. She corrected that and with that his rib began to heal. She also worked on his chest. He had a lot of discomfort from his incision and had developed some keloids on his chest. After quite a bit of treatments, the keloids are softening and flattening and the tightness and discomfort in his chest has lessened.

The whole concept of Therapeutic Touch is fascinating, especially knowing that it is a very old discipline. I enjoyed very much learning about and seeing Mary Jean become a learned and confident practitioner. We have sent many clients her way, believing she could help them a lot.

"Barbara and Ben Rempel"

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I had injured my back approximately four years ago and developed sciatica in my right leg. After treatments at the Sports Injury clinic, I was still bothered with numbness in my leg. I started going to Mary Jean for Therapeutic Touch (TT) treatments hoping it would help with the numbness. My numbness in my leg disappeared and I found the TT extremely relaxing and was pleasantly surprised that my longstanding anxiety problem greatly improved.

Over the years, I have continued to see Mary Jean approximately once a month. She has now added the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to her practice.

I had previously been treated successfully for ovarian cancer five years ago and in January I was again diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. After my first chemotherapy treatment, I became extremely ill and ended up in the hospital. Mary Jean came up to the hospital and used TT and EFT to alleviate the pain in my legs which allowed me to sleep well for the first time in days. I now go to Mary Jean once a week and she still gives me treatments while I'm in the hospital.

I feel the TT and EFT that Mary Jean practices has been extremely helpful with the side effects of the chemotherapy (e.g. bone pain, numbness in toes and feet and the "chemo fog") and has allowed me to recover from the chemotherapy treatments quicker than the previous session five years ago. I look forward to a healthier future with the help of my friend Mary Jean and her wonderful work!

"Edna Burkitt

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Mary Jean has been my friend and mentor for many years. Her knowledge and use of Therapeutic Touch and EFT has enabled me to improve my sleep habits, decrease depression and recently with the introduction of EFT, she helped me eliminate anger over a situation I was not in control of.

With Mary Jean's help, my goal is to live a happy and healthy life without prescription medication.

Pamela Smith

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For may years, there were many events/people in my past that have lingered in the back of my mind. I have had the opportunity to meet Mary Jean and work through these experiences/events I have felt that a huge load is off my mind and I've dealt with them. The results of EFT and Therapeutic Touch have been very uplifting for me. In working with the EFT process, it was amazing to get to the root of the problem and I was even surprised to realize what that root exactly was. Mary Jean has been very helpful in helping to deal with occurrences as well ad ridding myself of that baggage that I've held onto for so many years. I will continue to see Mary Jean as I have benefited from her expertise in these areas. Thanks, Mary Jean


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30 some odd years ago, I took a stroke at age 38, it seemed my life was over, one doctor after another told me it was all in "my mind. So I believed them I was in semi conscious state for more than 30 years. And didn't know what was wrong, but I never gave up. Came very close to dying many times because it caused a lot of damage like sugar diabetes, thyroid , poor immune system, allergies, sinus, chemical imbalance, falling, poor eye sight, stumbling, viruses, the worst kind of numbness from head to toe. I did reflex ology which brought me to a place of some comfort but still wasn't making it all the way. One thing led to another talking to a friend which just happened. She told me about Mary Jean Pentland. Right away, I said yes, I could tell she was sincere and honest. I had no where else to go but she told me straight out - do your homework. It was a lot but not being able to do much anyway that is what I did and I was surprised and getting more surprised . Every day after two bad falls, I come back on top with her help. I can climb mountains and not fall over the other side.


"Gerard Andres

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Hi, I'm Sharon Tremeer. I just want to tell you a bit about myself.

In 1993 I was diagnosed with Lupus. This is something they figure I have had since my teens but in 1992 I ran into some complications at the end of my second pregnancy and this started the many questions, running to doctors, tests of all kinds, and maybe some answers to some of the reasons why I had the rash from the sun and was mainly always tired, which I blamed on the extra weight I have always carried. Lupus was diagnosed very quickly after I had my daughter in December, 92.

This is very unusual, as Lupus is usually not easy to diagnose. A patient may have severe symptoms with few abnormal laboratory test results and vice versa.

There are two different kinds of Lupus, Discoird, characterized by a rash only and Systemic (SLE) which inflammatory, multi-system disorder of the immune system.

Some symptoms of Lupus are: Skin Rash, Arthritis, Fever, Anemia, Kidney Damage, Pleurisy, Photosensitivity, Hair Loss, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Seizures, Mouth/Nose ulcers, etc.

If at last 4 of the 11 criteria develop at one time or over a period of time, the patient is likely to have Lupus. However, a diagnosis of SLE can be made in a patient having fewer than four of these symptoms.

In Lupus, the body develops antibodies that react against the person's own normal tissue. Lupus affects individuals differently, and often does not follow a predictable course. A patient may appear fine one week, and at the emergency room the following week with severe problems.

In my case, I have had just about all of the symptoms in the last eight years. This started with a low platelet count at the tail end of my pregnancy, wihich created a risky delivery and advice not to have more family. Because of this blood disorder, I had to go on steroids, which have many side effects, including weight gain, mood swings, the moon face, etc. the steroids help with the pain and stiffness and give you energy, but are dangerous to be on for any length of time. Lupus made my eyes dry, and my eyelids would stick to my eyeballs and tear the skin. Because of this, I have to have all the rippled skin pealed from my eyeballs and now I use an ointment everyday. I also have two cataracts from the steroids I took. About four years ago it affected my vital organs, my lungs, heart, brain and kidneys. Because my kidneys were failing and immunosuppressive drugs and steroid were not helping, I had to take Chemo for a year and a half. In that time a blood clot developed during this time, in which I am very lucky to be here, spending time in the hospital and on blood thinners and getting a bum leg out of the deal. I am slowly getting my strength back from these ordeals and am off my steroids. I do take a Malaria drug that does control my pain and stiffness, but they have to watch my eyes for side effects.

Rest is the basic component to good health and is essential for the lupus patient. The fatigue of lupus is not sleepiness or tiredness from physical exertion, but rather a "bone-tired feeling" or a "Paralysing fatigue." And normal rest does not always refresh or eliminate the tiredness. Stress also plays a role in triggering a flare.

I have tried just about every herbal program there is out there and some of them have worked at times. For a lupus patient or any others dealing with a chronic disease, the emotional aspects can be overwhelming. Sometimes we feel isolated from friends, we worry about not being able to keep up at home yet still feel the need to work outside the home, to take our minds off of our problems. You constantly worry about our family, the grief of knowing that this disease could be life threatening. Depression and anger are common reactions of patients with health problems.

Mary Jean gave me a call, knowing of my problems and hoped I would give her a chance to help me. I have been going to her since spring. I have noticed a big difference in my sleeping pattern, I am not near as stressed as I used to be, things don't bother me near as much and I don't have the mood swings I had. I tend to have more energy and not feel so fatigued. Because of taking chemo, I went into spirituality and was troubled with hot flashes and night sweats and these have just about disappeared.

I also had restless legs at night, which don't bother me anymore, and the pain in my right leg were my blood clot was is gone, and the circulation seems to be better. I had trouble with gout or arthritis in my big toe. That is gone. I don't seem to have the stiffness or arthritis I used to, and I have also lost 20-25 lbs., mainly because I seem to feel much better mentally and emotionally. I have also gone off my high blood pressure pills since I started seeing Mary Jean. I am probably forgetting things. Sometimes it takes a while to realize that all those little things that ached or bothered you just aren't there anymore.

The treatment is very relaxing, I think Mary Jean even catches me nodding off every so often and I can't wait to get to my next appointment. Lupus is related to fibro myalgia in many ways and I would recommend anyone with aches and pains and stress to give Mary Jean a try and see the results.

Sharon Tremeer

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