What is EFT?

EFT is an exciting and revolutionary approach to rapid and lasting resolution of psychological and emotional disturbances. By directly addressing the energy flows established by their thoughts, people are quickly able to end long standing overwhelming negative affect. EFT helps end the suffering from trauma symptoms, PTSD. grief, phobias, anger, fears and guilt. It is also capable of dramatically relieving many physical symptoms such as pain, headache and asthma. It often does the job in minutes and its results are usually long -lasting. It frequently provides relief where other techniques fail.

EFT is based on the theory that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the bodyís energy system.

By tapping with the fingertips on only one simple and easy to remember pattern of meridian points while tuning in to the problem, excess emotional distress can be discharged, liberating a personís innate self-regulating and self-healing capacity. EFT eradicates fears, phobias, stuck emotions, compulsions, and addictions. It offers clear and immediate evidence that by directly engaging the energetic elements of our mind/body continuum and giving relief to emotional problems, physical problems are often relieved as well. The link is unmistakable. At itís growing edge, EFT is being successfully used to help enhance athletic and creative performance in areas such as golf, tennis, and baseball. Itís very exciting and amazingly effective!!! The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and because the work is with the energy system the responses are immediately experienced. EFT is primarily a "tapping technique". That is, one focuses on a particular problem or issue, helped by precise use of language, and simultaneously taps on certain meridian points. We believe this works by stimulating the human energy system via the energy meridians, with the most obvious effect being upon the subject of ones focus. The advantage of this method is that it often works quite rapidly and the client does not need to talk about the trauma or even to say what type of incident is being resolved.

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