By K. McKeown

Michele, a 28 year old women had recently been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her spine and had requested a TT treatment at St Michael's Hospital, Toronto. When I arrived at the hospital, Michele, sobbing and trembling, reached for my hand, and described what had transpired within the past two weeks since suffering from her first symptom, a severe headache. Michele was not only coping with her diagnosis, but also paralysis - she was a dancer.

I gave her two to three TT treatments a week and Michele told me she felt calmer and slept better after my visits. After three weeks in St. Michael's Hospital, she was ready for a series of twenty-five radiation treatments at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Through contact with the TTNO, an e-mail was sent requesting TT practitioners. Within a few days, I received phone calls from Penny Birrell, Karen Gailer and Janet Manthorne who were willing to participate on the team and we coordinated a weekly schedule.

Our communication was solely through weekly phone calls and a journal left at Michele's bedside. After two weeks of ongoing TT treatments, each team member noted peace radiating from Michele.

She expressed feelings of calm and exhibited signs of "being in the moment". She had good and bad days, but steadily progressed through her course of radiation treatments. Michele eagerly anticipated the final day of her treatments and marked July 8th with a huge red star on a wall calendar in her hospital room.

Suddenly, on the last day of her radiation treatments, Michele died. Michele's plan for what she referred to as her "red star day" was to have a celebration. Needless to say, her family, friends and the entire TT team were devastated and in shock over Michele's unexpected passing. Everyone, including Michele had been so hopeful.

The four TT practitioners who gave their gifts of time and talents felt privileged to have been part of Michele's journey. We all agreed she was a courageous young woman and felt that working with Michele was a profound experience. She gave us so much. She was our teacher. We were four strangers, yet like-minded individuals joined solely by Michele and Therapeutic Touch. Although we have never met face to face, and hopefully someday we may, there will always be a connection. I learned if you ask for help, follow it with a wish; the call for healing will be answered by The Therapeutic Touch Network.

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