Mary Jean Pentland

Mary Jean Pentland

Hello, my name is Mary Jean Pentland. I am a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch (TT) and other forms of Energy Healing including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I’ve always been interested in medicine other than the conventional western medicine. I was always looking at natural health magazines and getting involved with herbs. I wonder if I was a healer in my former lives. I don’t know where this interest came from but it seems to have been there in the background all along.

The term “mind over matter” has always been in my head loosely interpreted. I guess working with energy fields is my mind over matter.

The thing that gets me high is being able to help someone in pain, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. They are all connected. Body mind and spirit! We hear that a lot these days! This is a very good thing!

In TT we work with the energy fields. The etheric field is close to the body and relates to physical aspects of the body. The emotional field is next and can be anywhere from a few inches from the body to a few feet. We’ve all been around a person whose emotional field was expansive, be it negative or positive. We tend to avoid people with a negative energy and are drawn to people who exude a positive energy. The next field is the mental field. If this field is disrupted a person will feel like they are in a mental fog. The next field is the spiritual field. Once a problem is manifested in the physical field, it will have gone through the other fields. It is important to keep all the fields balanced and clear to avoid anything manifesting in the physical realm. One can feel disruptions in the fields. We work in a meditative state and clear out congestion which sometimes feels like prickles on your hands, warm up the areas if cold, cool down areas, if warm or hot. The idea is to have things in a neutral state, balanced. Everything is about balance! In any of the fields one may have to pull out stagnant energy and put in healing energy. I always, with intention, assume that all the stagnant energy becomes vibrant energy as soon as it is drawn out. That way no negative energy is released anywhere. In other words the more stagnant or negative energy that one deals with, the more positive or vibrant energy is available for healing. My own personal intention. All the work is done with love and intention. I believe that the healing energy comes through us, not from us and that we are a channel for healing. Good to feel you have a great team working through you. If you had all the money in the world and you would still do the work you are doing, then you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. That’s how I feel about the energy work that I do. I also have a great desire to learn more and more forms of energy work. It seems as though the more you learn, the more it seems there is to learn. I also like to share my knowledge and it seems as though I always end up teaching not matter what I do.

Peace and good health.

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